Real Estate. Real Issues.

If you are an owner, investor, developer, builder or contractor of real property in Missouri or Arkansas, the legal issues that can arise regarding the property can mean lost time, work, and money. From escrow and property disputes to title discrepancies, and environmental liabilities to property boundaries, these issues can manifest and act as a roadblock to the property owner. Have an experienced real estate attorney working for you.

The legal professionals at Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC are experts in real property law. We are happy to help, from providing title opinions to negotiating real estate purchases or sales. Our experience in property law makes us an invaluable partner through every step of a real estate transaction or the construction or development process. We will act as advisors, provide legal options for any complications that arise, draft documents for real estate construction and development, and file and defend homeowners’ and condo association owners’ liens. As a matter of course, we work hand in hand with surveyors, closing companies, title companies, and environmental analysts and inspectors.

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