Navigating the Rough Waters of Litigation

When a party has been wronged or has been accused of wrongdoing by another party, litigation is often the next step. To survive and prevail in commercial or civil litigation, you need a knowledgeable, experienced and authoritative legal team in your corner. Plaintiffs, the aggrieved or injured party, should settle for nothing short of a determined and aggressive attorney. Defendants, the accused party, require a strong and well-researched defense by an attorney who understands how to try cases and who can anticipate each move in advance.

The legal professionals at Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC, are seasoned and well-experienced in litigation. We provide comprehensive civil litigation and commercial litigation services; we file, as well as defend, actions for breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, declaratory judgment, tortious interference with business expectancies, entity dissolutions, negligence, and more.

If you are in Missouri, and you need help filing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit, you will find your litigator at Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC. Call us today at 417-708-9681 to discuss your litigation needs.