Planning for the Future Includes Professional Estate Planning, but We Can Also Help with Probate

Planning is a part of human nature. Experts agree that proper preparation for the future includes estate planning. Many people falsely believe that estate plans are simply for the wealthy. In actuality, estate plans should be considered by all individuals of all income brackets because a lack of preparation can leave your loved ones in a bind. If a family business is involved, family estate planning helps create legal grounds to ensure the business continues to operate according to your wishes. For your family and loved ones, proper estate planning can help eliminate unforeseen complications regarding assets and inheritance. The legal experts at Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC are here to help you ensure your family and loved ones are covered. It begins with an open conversation with your estate planning counsel, discussing yourself, your loved ones, and your objectives for how to care for those who are closest to you after you have passed. RMS will help you understand your rights under Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, or Oklahoma law and ensure you achieve your goals for a secure future and the distribution of your estate. We will help you prepare your will, create a revocable trust and/or an irrevocable trust, designate your medical power of attorney as well as your financial/durable power of attorney, and draft your advanced medical directive. We can also help you avoid probate by creating a beneficiary deed for your real property and establishing accounts and titled personal property to be payable or transferrable upon death. If, however, a loved passes away without having proper estate planning documents, you may find yourself in a situation that requires a probate proceeding.  Our attorneys can also guide you through the process of filing a petition in probate, having a personal representative appointed by the court, and obtaining court approval to transfer assets and pay beneficiaries after a death. RMS Attorney Heather Rooney McBride regularly lectures on drafting wills and trusts, estate and trust administration, and the unique estate planning needs of women.  To set up your free initial consultation, contact Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC today at 417-708-9681 to establish your estate goals or to discuss whether your situation requires probate.