Debt Can Be Suffocating

In the world of personal finances, there is the snowball effect. The piling up of otherwise little things, perhaps offset by something large, such as student loans, unexpected medical bills, or high-interest credit card companies. When you fall behind in payments, the task of getting and staying ahead can seem brutal and overwhelming.

For those individuals who feel suffocated by debt, whose accounts have gone to collections, or whose wages are being garnished, bankruptcy might be the fresh start you deserve. It is not an easy decision to come to, but for many, it is the only one that offers the hope of financial freedom and stability.

At Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC, you will find your personal bankruptcy attorney. As lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy, we understand every situation is unique, and no two persons’ needs are the same. Our goal as your personal bankruptcy lawyer is to help you reach debt relief using our expertise in both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We also understand the economy has been rough on many businesses. If your company is facing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we are here to serve as your debt lawyer.

If you are overwhelmed by your debt, call a lawyer who has the power to help – call Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC, at 417-708-9681.