If Money Is Owed To You, You have Rights

When money is lent, the recipient becomes a borrower or debtor. As the lender or creditor, it can be enormously frustrating and stressful if your borrower or debtor fails to repay a loan or advance. However, should you find yourself in a situation where money is owed to you, you have options. Under Missouri law, creditors have rights that must be acknowledged by the debtor. Secured and unsecured creditors alike are not voiceless when it comes to collections. It is important to know your rights when you are owed money. We at Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC are here to help.

At RMS, we know the intricacies of debtor/creditor law. We will explain your rights as a creditor, draft demand letters, and file suit on your behalf in both state and federal courts, as well as handle bankruptcy claims. We will help you file motions to lift stay, a proof of claim in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and even fight for non-dischargeability of certain debts. We will help you collect the money owed to you.

If you feel your rights as a creditor are being ignored by those who owe you money, call RMS today at 417-708-9681 to speak with an attorney. We’ll help you through the collections process.