Strong Contracts Make Strong Business Relationships

A contract is an essential building block of any business relationship. Whereas strong contracts can set the pace for a long-lasting professional association, a poorly worded contract can leave you and your company vulnerable. It is not enough to know your business—you have to understand the facets of contract law within the state in which you are doing business. This is where the professionals at Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC can assist you with contracts in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

For contract negotiation, contract drafting, and contract review, we at RMS are here to ensure you are protected in any legal transaction, personal or commercial. We routinely prepare supply agreements, asset purchase agreements, buy/sell agreements, mergers, release agreements, liability waivers, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, or any other type of contract you or your business matters require. We will also review and analyze your legal options, and file suit if necessary, should there be a breach of contract.

If you’re in search of business or transactions attorneys in Springfield MO, contact Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC today at 417-708-9681. In the world of contracts, there’s no substitute for seasoned legal expertise.