Licence, Registration and Proof of Insurance, Please

At Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC, we understand even the most cautious driver has the occasional misstep. If you get a speeding ticket, careless and imprudent driving ticket, or a “no insurance” ticket, you have options beyond an expensive fine, court costs, time off work, points added to your license, and the dreaded insurance hike. In these situations, you want an experienced attorney at your side, one familiar and proven in the arena of Missouri traffic law.

The team at RMS is also experienced in representing more serious charges. We understand DUI/DWI law and are sensitive to the social stigmatism that accompanies any such charge. With former prosecuting attorney Ben McBride on the RMS team, we are uniquely prepared to handle any sort of traffic violation from municipalities and counties throughout Missouri. In addition, Scott Smith currently serves as the prosecuting attorney for the City of Willard, Missouri.

Call Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC, today at 417-708-9681. Put the knowledge of a Prosecuting Attorney to work for you. We will help you aggressively defend against traffic tickets and traffic violations.