Resolving Conflicts With Mediation

There are times when two opposing sides have a disagreement, but if they could talk about the problem in a neutral, non-threatening environment, that was led by a trained professional, they could resolve the conflict without having to incur the costs of litigation.  In those situations, using an experienced mediator can save both time and money for all parties involved and will give the participants the ability to craft a solution that fits their unique circumstances. Mediation can be useful in many different situations, from trying to resolve conflict prior to the initiation of litigation, to helping contentious parties reach a settlement. Whether you are needing to work out the details of a custody agreement, determine child support and/or maintenance, value a business, or determine how much someone you should receive for an injury, Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC has mediators who can meet your needs. Scott A. Smith and Brittany E. O’Brien each have over a decade of litigation experience in the courts of Southwest Missouri.  They are familiar with the law and the way in which local courts have interpreted it.  Using this experience, they can analyze your situation to help both parties feel valued and heard, often reaching an agreement in just a few hours.   To discuss mediating your conflict, contact Rooney McBride & Smith, LLC today at 417-708-9681.